Based on our long term of project delivery, Orbit stands out in the area of project management by simple application of our strategy ‘’ plan the work and work the plan’’. We have successfully managed and delivered several multi-billion naira projects across board with greater impact in the oil and gas sector.


Orbit integrated limited has been engaged in providing engineering and construction services for various arms of operations in Nigeria which includes government and private sector, up and down streams of the oil business.

Our experience ranges from providing consultancy services to undertaking contracts, orbit integrated limited has executed turnkey projects from many sectors m of the economy. Attached in this document is a brief description of the work done in recent times.


  • A job is well done only when is carried out safely
  • All accidents and injuries can be prevented
  • Safety must not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency
  • Safety is equal to production and drilling is importance
  • Achieving safe operation is a number one priority
  • Safety is everybody’s business


This document shall be used as a baseline for implementing and enforcement of the company’s project and shall be amended when necessary as new standard is adopted and when the client’s specifications exceeds the company’s policy.