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    Quality Policy Statement

    ORBIT INTEGRATED LIMITED is wholly owned Nigeria Oil and Gas Servicing company that specialized in: Welding/ Fabrication Services, Onshore /Offshore Facility Maintenance,Rehabilitation /Pipeline/Flow line Maintenance,Corrosion Control Services, Engineering/Civil Construction and Design Services.

    Itis a limited liability company that offers first class solutions to its esteem clients, meeting the demands of our clients professionally and to acceptable national and international standards.

    The company’s services are carefully designed in line with world class standards to satisfy the quality requirements of customers, regulatory/statutory bodies and other relevant interested parties within the context of our organization in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This also serves as a frame work for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and policies within the company and also supports its strategic direction. This quality policy is communicated to all members of staff and other relevant interested parties and is reviewed on

    an annual basis (or during management review meetings) for continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of application throughout the organization.

    To further ensure continual improvement of the Quality Management System, ORBIT INTEGRATED LIMITED:

    • Ensures continual improvement of its processes through critical internal appraisals, internal and external audits.
    • Provides an enabling environment where all staff, contractors and other interested parties are actively involved in achieving and sustaining quality assurance and control &
    • Provides continual investment in staff training, development and the evaluation of their performance so that trust in service offering is enhanced.

    Top management is responsible for ensuring that this quality policy is implemented and maintained as documented information, continually improved upon and communicated to

    all employees and interested parties within the organization in a manner that shall ensure

    suitable application to the assigned responsibilities.


    It is the policy of Orbit Integrated that its operations should be carried out at all times in such a way as to ensure that health, safety and environment of its employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including sub -contractors, clients and general public are safe – guarded, and that the same dedication will be shown to the protection and conservation of environment.

    This policy is the direct responsibility of the company ‘s senior management who are accountable to the Board of Directors for the overall implementation of this policy.

    Within Orbit Integrated, Health, Safety and Environment  (HSE) is a line management responsibility for which individuals will be held accountable and it is recognised that implementation by line management of the policy that will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards throughout all departments within the company.

    The duty of all employees to take reasonable care of their own safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions, is clearly stated by Government Decrees and to this end, Orbit Integrated will encourage and support each employee in every way to ensure that the aims of these decrees are met.

    Orbit Integrated  is committed to work within the regulations and codes of practices laid down by decrees and governmental orders and liaise closely with all government departments as well as professional and academic bodies to ensure improvement of all HSE regulation.

    It is the company ‘s policy to sustain the appropriate training for all Orbit Integrated and contractors’ personnel, to ensure that Orbit Integrated procedures and governmental regulations are known and observed.

    Contractors working for or on behalf of Orbit Integrated will be required to work to the same policies and standards as Orbit Integrated.


    It is the responsibility of each ORBIT INTEGRATED personnel to perform his Work in an environmentally sound manner.  It is the policy of ORBIT INTEGRATED to promote and encourage awareness of and to protect and preserve the environment. In implementing this policy, staff are encouraged to pay and appropriate regard to environment by acting to preserve air, water soil, plant animal lives from adverse effects of their actions or those of the subcontractors to minimise any nuisance, which may result from such actions.

     All waste generated during the project shall be collected, handled, treated  and disposed in such a way as not to have impact on the environment.  Dumping of waste into creeks, rivers, and other water bodies is not allowed  in ORBIT INTEGRATED Operations.

     At the conclusion of any activity, our ultimate goal is to have left the work site in a condition as near as possible to the state in which it was found. Clean-up gangs shall remove all debris to prevent injuries to lives and  preserve the order of the habitat.


    ORBIT INTEGRATED foremost interest in this project is HEALTH, SAFETY, and ENVIRONMENTAL protection and we will demonstrate SAFETY in all our operations and we shall be responsible for a safe work place, free from risks and hazards.

    We are already conversant with the current requirement of the mineral oils Act, the mineral oils (safety) Requirements, the factories Act and the Client’s safety rules, standards as stated in sections 35 of the standard specifications and section III – articles of Agreement, General conditions, Part XII headed SAFETY.

    We have familiarized ourselves with the CLIENT requirements for STANDARDS FOR HOUSEBOAT, ACCOMMODATION / WORKSITE and will incorporate all standards. ORBIT INTEGRATED will also provide necessary safety clothing and equipment for all personnel.

    We will ensure that persons engaged in work and services in this contract shall remain medically fit throughout the duration of the contract.  We shall equally employ a clinic retainership to provide off-site medical services for staff.  We will be prepared to present certificates of medical fitness on all personnel.

    ORBIT INTEGRATED  LIMITED shall engage the services of a safety manager and a project manager who will ultimately be responsible for safety in our operations.  The manager who will also have experienced safety officers who are well acquainted with Client’s safety regulations and will ensure that all proper work permits and complementary certificates are obtained prior to commencement of work and shall keep them up to date daily and ensure that all safe working practices are observed during the execution of the contract.

    We shall also comply with all such policies, rules/regulations aimed at preserving and safeguarding life, property and environment.  We shall ensure strict compliance with the CLIENT Drug/Alcohol policy at all times and develop awareness of the consequence of any violation.

    ORBIT INTEGRATED shall take up Accident/workmen’s compensation insurance policy for their workers against any occupational disease or any other impairment to health or injury by accident.    we shall ensure that properly skilled, experienced and suitable personnel perform
    the work in a safe manner to the required standard using good working practices;    and that materials supplied will be new, free from defects and suitable for the  intended purposes.

    We shall ensure that work does not commence unless all essential safeguarding systems including procedures are in place.

    We shall provide all necessary personnel, equipment and facilities to ensure that work site is kept secured at all times.

    All wastes will be removed from camp area and disposed off in a safe manner.

    We shall intensify the “on-the-job” training and formalized training

    Safety meeting programmes as a means of safety communication and a forum for addressing safety matters shall be vigorously pursued according to the schedule and as required by our clients.

    We shall provide a very decent accommodation, messing and recreational facilities for staff and client’s representatives.

    Prior to mobilization, ORBIT INTEGRATED shall allow access to and fully co-operate with CLIENT staff, team or representative for the purpose of pre-mobilization Inspection of plant, equipment, office and other ancillary facilities billed for the job, to ensure that they are in good working condition, safe and properly certified and insured.

    We shall put in place disciplinary actions when negligence or violations of safety rules is established.


Orbit maintains Non-Payment of Recruitment fees.