Well aware of the impact of corrosion on steel structures Onshore and Offshore. Orbit has developed a niche to mitigate this negative phenomenon that threatens the life of steel by providing a veritable means of corrosion control through blasting (UHP water jet and grit) and painting.

The satisfaction of our clients for our corrosion control works executed, gives credence to the fact that we have specialised resources with which we deliver effectively and efficiently with guaranteed value for money. Our learning curve in this field has constantly grown steep due to the ever increasing demand for our inimitable services rendered to our clients.

When we give your steel structure our touch, you get value for money spent and attest to our unique services.
The following projects have witnessed our touch of class:

  • Blasting and painting of B10, B15, B20 Christmas Trees.
  • Grit Blasting and Painting of offshore equipments/units.
  • Blasting and painting of Separetor
  • Facility Refurbishment and upgrade